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Mansex: Hard and Rough

...... 5,000 munny, please.

Mansex - The Fag Formally Known As Xemnas
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If you've found my journal, I am quite certain you know exactly who I am, so I believe I'll be able to skip the basic introductions here. What I do need to ask, however, who are you? Are you looking to contact me for business? Then, please, by all means. I have a wide array of services.

If I can say so myself, I consider myself quite an attractive man, so I'm sure you'll enjoy the company we spend together.

My services are a bit more pricey than the services of those working under me, but I assure you, it will be worth every munny you spend.


I specialize in Violent Sex. Do you like it Rough? Do you have a fetish? I'm sure I can give it to you any way in which you please. I do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.